lunes, 9 de diciembre de 2019

Unrest Work & Play ‎– Sound Every Day [12''] (1983, Political Underground Records)

For its brief running time, 'Sound Every Day' is a rewarding and complex run through the fertile grounds of the Recommended Records' school of Experimental/Post-Progressive music. Unrest Work & Play are obvious acolytes of Faust and This Heat, which is evident in the fuzz-drenched guitars and marimba-backed rhythms of "Change" and the deep, bizarre, English Folk-style choral vocals throughout. It goes without saying that anyone who's interested in the aforementioned artists would do well to seek this out. [SOURCE: RATE YOUR MUSIC

Label: Political Underground Records ‎– PU3 
Format: Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, Remastered 
Country: UK 
Released: 1983 
Genre: Rock 
Style: Avantgarde, Experimental 

A1 Change 2:25 
A2 New Systems Arrive 2:07 
A3 Bananas 5:51 
B1 Wake Up Time 2:20 
B2 Capital Swings 1:40 
B3 Ritual Appearance 2:22 
B4 Louder Than Language 6:31 


domingo, 8 de diciembre de 2019

Thomas Leer ‎– Letter From America [2xLP] (1982, Cherry Red, Cachalot Records)

Born in Port Glasgow, Scotland, Leer played in several local experimental pop groups in the early to mid-1970s, moving to London when the punk rock scene was at its height. He formed the punk band Pressure, but by 1978 had moved on to music influenced by synthpop and Krautrock bands such as Can. That year, he self-financed his debut single, 'Private Plane'. Although it was recorded in his own flat and was only issued in 650 copies on his own label, it gained significant attention, with NME naming it "Single of the Week". In 1979, he released the album 'The Bridge' in collaboration with Robert Rental. In 1981, he signed to Cherry Red, his first release for the label being the '4 Movements' EP. After two further releases on the label, he was signed by Arista Records, releasing three further singles and his debut full-length solo album, 'The Scale of Ten' in late 1985. [SOURCE: WIKIPEDIA

Label: Cherry Red ‎– A RIPE 1, Cachalot Records ‎– A RIPE 1 
Format: 2 × Vinyl, LP, Album 
Country: US 
Released: 1982 
Genre: Electronic 
Style: Synth-pop 

A1 Looks That Kill 4:56 
A2 Soul Gypsy 5:18 
A3 Mr. Nobody 5:17 
B1 Letter From America 4:05 
B2 Contradictions 14:01 
C1 Hear What I Say 5:16 
C2 Choices 6:10 
C3 Gulf Stream 5:42 
D1 Don't 5:31 
D2 West End 4:29 
D3 Tight As A Drum 4:33 


sábado, 7 de diciembre de 2019

El Secreto Metro ‎– El Sigilo De La Sigilografia [Cass] (1982, Umyu)

Experimental band, one of the many that proliferated in Barcelona, an authentic mecca of noise, sampled sounds and various avant-garde experiments, which appears under the initial name of Secreto Metropolitano, with an habitual in this type of sound transformations such as Victor Nubla, writer, composer, musician, illustrator and graphic designer, simultaneously working with Macromassa, his main group. 

They began in 1981, the aforementioned Victor Nubla (voice, organ, harmonium, clarinet and small clarinet) and Peque Lino (voice, synthesizers, drums and marimba). In May 1982 they recorded their first cassette titled 'El Sigilo de la Sigilografía' for the label Laboratorio de Música Desconocida (LMD Oeste). It was presented in the series of blue folders, inside which, in addition to the numbered cassette, there was a sheet of credits and six stickers to collect. It was produced by Secreto Metro and UMYU. [SOURCE: GRUPOS NACIONALES NUEVA OLA 80

Label: Umyu ‎– none 
Format: Cassette, Album, Numbered, C30 
Country: Spain 
Released: 02 May 1982 
Genre: Electronic 
Style: Experimental 

Cara Tup 
A1 Introducción Al Pensamiento Cartaginés 1:35 
A2 Hénna Y Los Descubrimientos De Nuevos Restaurantes 5:35 
A3 Paisaje Con Dos Figuras Y Lluvia Radioactiva 5:20 
A4 Lenta Caza Del Dinosaurio 2:20 
Cara Mut 
B1 Serie De Cataratas 7:55 
B2 Melodía Austral 1:05 
B3 No Seríamos Nada Sin Vosotros 0:45 
B4 Música Sigilo 4:55 


viernes, 6 de diciembre de 2019

The Rentals – I Got A Crush On You [7''] (1979, Beggars Banquet)

Jeff and Jane Hudson were two of the three original Rentals, Pseudo Carol was the third member. The Rentals formed in the fall of 1977 in Boston, and released their first single 'Gertrude Stein' b/w 'Low Rent' which were produced by Oedipus (former program director at WBCN, Boston). The Rentals opened for The Clash at the Harvard Sq. Theater on Feb. 16, 1979 (on the same bill with Bo Diddley). After moving to New York, they signed to Beggars'Banquet Records at Max's Kansas City in 1979 at four in the morning in their dressing room. They released the cult single, 'I Got A Crush On You', that charted in NME London 1980. [SOURCE: JEFF AND JANE

Label: Beggars Banquet ‎– BEG 24 
Format: Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM, Single 
Country: UK 
Released: 1979 
Genre: Rock 
Style: New Wave 

A I Got A Crush On You 3:08 
B New York 3:02


martes, 3 de diciembre de 2019

Patrullero Mancuso ‎– El Trabajo De Odiar [LP] (1991, Munster Records)

Although on the spine of the vinyl, the only format in which his first two lp's appeared, put that the title of the record is 'El Arte De Odiar', at the end is his "success" 'El Trabajo De Odiar', re-recorded for the occasion with an orgiastic addition of distortions and various noises, the one that takes the cat that got the cream. The sound was still as crappy as in their single since the LP was recorded again by Tele with a 4 tracks and mono, but their talent in devising unforgettable melodies along with impossible lyrics made them get the sympathy of much of the critics and the few -they did not make many copies of this album- who decided to buy it. 

The short and chusco-punk "(Hazte Un) Lifting" is barely out of tune in this album. It surprises the magnificent "Astral Crime" in which Eva sings the chorus...that catchy and obsessive "Viaje astral, asesino onírico / viaje onírico, crimen astral!" And their most luminous moments stand out in the media: the bittersweet "Canción De Amor", the melancholic "Oda A La Espera". But the real hidden jewel is "Rocas Abajo", a piece of beautiful pop goldsmithing with lyrics by Momonje and music by Murky, which is as moving as the first day and which revealed the potential that these young men from Villaviciosa de Odón could bring to light in the not too distant future. [SOURCE: TREMOLINA.NET

Label: Munster Records ‎– MR013 
Format: Vinyl, LP 
Country: Spain 
Released: 1991 
Genre: Rock 
Style: Alternative Rock 

A1 Canción De Amor 
A2 Duda 
A3 Ebria Tertulia 
A4 Hazte Un Lifting 
A5 El Trabajo De Odiar 
B1 Crimen Astral 
B2 Oda A La Espera 
B3 El Graduado 
B4 Rocas Abajo 
B5 Lola Tomillo 


lunes, 2 de diciembre de 2019

Opal – Early Recordings Volume 2 [CD, Unofficial] (No Date, Rough Trade)

Opal were an American rock band in the 1980s. They were part of the Paisley Underground musical style. The group formed in the mid-'80s under the name Clay Allison, featuring guitarist David Roback (previously of Rain Parade), bassist Kendra Smith (from Dream Syndicate) and drummer Keith Mitchell. After one single, they released the remaining Clay Allison tracks under the band's new name, Opal, on the 1984 'Fell from the Sun' EP. Another EP, 'Northern Line', followed in 1985. These EPs were later compiled and released as 'Early Recordings'. [SOURCE: WIKIPEDIA

Label: Rough Trade – RTCD129B 
Format: CD, Compilation, Unofficial Release 
Country: UK 
Genre: Rock 
Style: Alternative Rock, Folk Rock 

1 My Canyon Memory 5:00 
2 Sisters Of Mercy 4:21 
3 Sailing Boats 6:02 
4 Vespers 0:42 
5 Lisa's Funeral 6:51 
6 This Town 6:02 
7 Freight Train 1:59 
8 Wintertime 3:15 
9 Little Bit Of Rain 2:30 
10 What You've Done 3:37 
11 Cherry Jam 8:27 
12 Indian Summer 3:09 


domingo, 1 de diciembre de 2019

Njurmännen ‎– Cerebral Player [12''] (1986, Konduktör Rekords)

Njurmännen was an highly regarded underground electronic band active in Sweden during the 80's and early 90's. It was formed by Magnuz Axelsson (Brunst), Johan Lindén and Anders Göransson in 1983. Among the former band members were Jonas Skoglund, Bo Davidsson and Peter Andersson, who later founded the dark ambient project Deutsch Nepal. One of the band's early songs also gave the name for the swedish industrial, martial and dark ambient label Cold Meat Industry. [SOURCE: LAST.FM

Label: Konduktör Rekords ‎– KR 18, Konduktör Rekords ‎– KR. 18 
Format: Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM 
Country: Sweden 
Released: 1986 
Genre: Electronic 
Style: Electro, Synth-pop, Experimental 

A1 Niklas Holm I Egypten (N.H In Egypt - N.H In Ägypten) 1:21 
A2 Hud No. 43 (Skin No. 43 - Haut No. 43) 3:11 
A3 Bonnkomik / Dom Blonda (Skulls / The Blondes - Pritt / Die Blonde) 0:51 
A4 Special Rituals (Forntid / Könlige Homo) 1:34 
A5 Chilly & Clear (Kylig & Klar - Kühl & Klar) 2:49 
B1 San Francisco (San Francisco - San Francisco) 3:15 
B2 Tio Timmar I Helvetet (Ten Hours In Hell - Sehn Stunden In Die Hölle) 4:31 
B3 Realism (Realism - Realismus) 3:28 

The track "Realism" was recorded live in January 1986. 


sábado, 30 de noviembre de 2019

Mekanik Kommando ‎– Bay The Moon [LP] (1984, Wereld Rekord)

Mekanik Kommando is a new wave band from Nijmegen, the Netherlands, founded in 1980 and originated from the band Zelek of Peter van Vliet and Lasika Panyigay. It's a mix between 80s electro, cold wave and experimental electronic music. The band consisted of Jack Kaat, Laszlo Panyigay, Peter van Vliet, Simon van Vliet and Mirjam van Hout. After their sixth album from 1988 entitled 'The Castle Of Fair Welcome' the band continued under the name The Use of Ashes because the name Mekanik Kommando no longer covered the musical direction of the band. [SOURCE: WIKIPEDIA

Label: Wereld Rekord ‎– 1A 068-12 7079-1 
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album 
Country: Netherlands 
Released: 1984 
Genre: Electronic 
Style: Abstract, Electro, Synth-pop 

A1 Alleys And Palaces 5:25 
A2 Steel, Concrete And Silence 4:38 
A3 Monologue At 4 P.M. 5:50 
A4 Chant Mecanique 3:08 
B1 From The Ashes 8:00 
B2 24 Hr. Din. 4:01 
B3 Hush, Surrender 3:00 
B4 Glorious Survivor 3:50 


viernes, 29 de noviembre de 2019

Leningrad Sandwich ‎– Heat [LP] (1982, Good Noise)

Leningrad Sandwich started around 1980 as a punk band of British ex-pats in Germany releasing the 'Go East' LP on Up Records. A quick lineup change added Annie Lloyd on vocals in time for the 'Heat' LP in 1982 on Good Noise Records. The music showed a departure from the band's original punk sound in favor of a darker new wave style that would follow through the subsequent releases, 'Steps' (1983) and 'Priests And Petrol' (1985), both also on Good Noise. [SOURCE: SAIGON RICE

Label: Good Noise ‎– VGNS 2014 
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album 
Country: Germany 
Released: 1982 
Genre: Rock 
Style: New Wave, Post-Punk, Goth Rock 

A1 Concrete 3:50 
A2 Deadline 1:52 
A3 Edge 2:42 
A4 Wake 3:12 
A5 The Plan 3:56 
A6 Africa 2:56 
B1 Nothing's Changed 2:25 
B2 Mr Nobody 2:11 
B3 TV Live 4:37 
B4 Confused 2:38 
B5 Hybrid 3:06 
B6 Concrete Dub 4:30 


jueves, 28 de noviembre de 2019

Kosmonautentraum ‎– Juri Gagarin [LP] (1982, Zickzack Platten)

Kosmonautentraum published mostly on cassettes and on the ZickZack label, with changing accompanying musicians until the mid-1980s. "Kosmonaut" is one of the most powerful opening tracks ever: You have the mercilessly pummeling drums and the sneering vocals, but what other bands would have killed for is that deranged, tortured synth lead. The track gets a great piano-led reprise with "Juri Gagarin" (two reprises if you count the five-second "Epilog"). The rest of the album simply can't live up to the opener, it's fairly good NDW/post punk with mad, harrowing ("Hoffnung", "Deutsche Nacht"), but also surprisingly lackadaisical, sloppy ("Gierig", "Neugier") moments. [SOURCE: RATE YOUR MUSIC

Label: Zickzack Platten ‎– ZZ 100 
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album 
Country: Germany 
Released: 1982 
Genre: Electronic 
Style: Abstract, Synth-pop, Minimal 

A1 Kosmonaut 3:40 
A2 Stolze Menschen 3:51 
A3 Schattenboxen 3:14 
A4 Gierig 1:19 
A5 Juri Gagarin 2:32 
A6 Epilog 0:05 
A7 Hoffnung 3:22 
B1 Du Bist Nicht Gut 3:19 
B2 1971-1976-1981 3:34 
B3 Deutsche Nacht 2:38 
B4 Süßes Leben 2:16 
B5 Neugier 7:51